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Rene Barge

  • Relay (Riddim)

    Relay (Riddim)


Solo Exhibitions

Project Room - Rene Barge: Relay
April 12, 2013 - May 11, 2013
Rene Barge: The Making of a Porous Body
Oct. 8, 2010 - Nov. 13, 2010
Rene Barge: Gifts
Sept. 10, 2005 - Oct. 1, 2005

Group Exhibitions

Pulse NYC - Booth C8
March 3, 2011 - March 6, 2011
a flawed providence
June 11, 2010 - July 10, 2010
Breaking the Waves - Curated by Nikki Beem
Dec. 1, 2007 - Dec. 31, 2007
20 Questions
Nov. 25, 2006 - Dec. 31, 2006


Working in multiple media, Rene Barge produces sound works, prints and videos. These are prismatic relays of the patterns he perceives around him. In each work lies the traces of complex orderings of distortions and filters. As records they simultaneously reflect multiple aspects of change at once, analogous to post-studio, post-digital cubism. Since earning a BFA from Florida International University in 1999, where he studied under his mentor, Christine Tamblyn (July 12, 1951 – January 1, 1998), he has shown individual and collaborative works. Examples of individual work can be found by exploring his exhibitions at the gallery. His 2010 digital prints resulted from a visual process analogous to his sound work, in that he processed imagery through a series of filters. (Reflections on the screen of a tv, played on a tv screen, computer based interruptions and glass windows are some examples.) In his collaborative work with Gustavo Matamoros and David Dunn as Frozen Music (FM) the intervention produced an alternative ecosystem; during one performance in 2011, Rene Barge recorded mockingbird calls in Collins Park on Key Biscayne over the course of a day, filtering them and then playing them back at the birds. The birds responded to the new sounds, such that as the collaborators changed the birds interactions, so too did the birds change the performers’, effectively absorbing this new presence into a new ecosystem. Barge has shown at Dorsch Gallery since 1999.
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  • The Art of Sound MAP Magazine issue 4 - Oct. 1, 2009. [Review]
  • Review of "Gifts" Art Papers - June 1, 2005. [Review]

    Phone: 305.576.1278
    Address: 151 NW 24th Street , Miami, FL

    The gallery is located in the Wynwood Arts District and is open Tuesday through Saturday from noon til 5:00pm and by appointment.