Mette Tommerup: in Artnet Magazine

posted by AG on 12 December 2011 at 1:00 PM | Link

Mette Tommerup

Mette Tommerup has a great mention in Artnet Magazine in which they mention her Art Basel Studio Visit and her current show, Full Salute, currently on view at the gallery.

"Tommerup was also exhibiting her paintings at Dorsch Gallery at NW 24th Street, one of the first to set up in Wynwood (founded by Brook Dorsch and directed by his wife, Tyler Emerson-Dorsch), in a show titled "Full Salute" - which she tells me is sexist street slang that refers to the anthropomorphic attitude of the painted vegetables - tumescently deformed eggplants, peppers and tomatoes. Also on view, paintings of a couple of cakes, a green velvet-lined gun box that resembles a Mark Rothko, and a Barack Obama garden gnome.

The show's star lot is Les Demoiselles Stand-ins (2011), a version of Pablo Picasso's Cubist masterpiece with what look like dark-skinned wrestlers and bandidos substituting for the original women. Tommerup's figures are actually based on the Village People, giving the picture a homoerotic spin and adding a bit of contemporary vogue to the primitivist western nudes of Picasso's pioneering modernist "philosophical brothel."

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