John Sanchez: in the Miami Herald

posted by AG on 12 December 2011 at 2:00 PM | Link

John Sanchez

John Sanchez is featured in the Miami Herald, in both print and web, on his work and his latest solo show at the gallery, As They Are.

"John Sanchez uses his paintbrush to depict twilight scenarios, just after the rain, of parking lots and airport runways, where the hourly wage earner has just gone home or is just arriving.

The New Jersey native expresses an "everyman" vision in paintings that have been shown at, for instance, the Vanishing Points exhibit at the Bass Museum this fall, and mostly, at the Dorsch Gallery.

His latest show in the main space there was called As They Are, and again proved his talent with oil on canvas. In fact the Dorsch Gallery turns out to be a cornerstone to Sanchez's tie to the Miami art world. Without an established gallery - a thing that 20 years ago hardly existed - to shepherd some of his work, we may never have seen it.

'I started as an intern with the Dorsch gallery,' recalls Sanchez. 'I have always had the philosophy that you must be around good people to have good things happen... I got to participate in group shows during my internship and later my first solo show, which was a hit, and the rest is not quite history, but history in the making."

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