Mette Tommerup: Miami Herald review

posted by AG on 12 December 2011 at 2:00 PM | Link

Mette Tommerup

Mette Tommerup's current solo show, Full Salute, is part of a terrific review of three Miami exhibitions written by Anne Tschida for the Miami Herald.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

"Placement is a mark of Mette Tommerup's painting exhibit at Dorsch Gallery, Full Salute. On the 20th anniversary of one of Wynwood's original galleries, Tommerup has delivered a strong collection of new works, a nice combo of local art for the birthday of what has become a flagship gallery. The first impression is how the still-life influenced paintings are erratically hung, at different heights on the four walls. Again, this is to emphasize the more subtle meaning that emerges from the works, from viewing a piece as a simple slice of cake or two tomatoes to more sexually charged imagery. So for instance, phallic-looking fruit paintings (in really lovely wooden frames) hang, well, low; while paintings that can evoke female anatomy are placed a little higher. In fact, the title Full Salute gives a hint to this dual meaning.

Tommerup's premise here is to question various identity politics, in an art world that the Florida International University professor says has entered a post-identity era. She describes it this way: "Innocent tomatoes and peppers become stand-ins for an exploration of gender, race, and sexuality. In this bizarre post-feminist, post-black, post-gay, post-straight, post-post-colonial garden of vegetables and gnomes, no object is spared from being classified."

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