SITE95 Journal Issue 2 out now, featuring Tyler Emerson-Dorsch speaking with Jenny Brillhart and Carolyn Salas

posted by Emerson Dorsch on 4 April 2013 at 12:33 PM | Link

Jenny Brillhart

Pushing Against The Walls: Tyler Emerson-Dorsch speaks with Jenny Brillhart and Carolyn Salas about their exhibition Cut Outs at Dimensions Variable.

In the newest issue of the SITE95 Journal, Tyler Emerson-Dorsch speaks with Emerson Dorsch artist Jenny Brillhart and Carolyn Salas on their recent two-person exhibition, Cut Outs, at Dimensions Variable, an artist-run exhibition space in Miami. Click here to read the full conversation.

About SITE95

SITE95 is an alternative non-profit organization established to present exhibitions for emerging and established artists in temporary urban locations. Drawing upon available space in major cities, site95 will present over five projects per year, each extending up to two months. The impermanent sites create a platform for artists and curators to present innovative ideas in different contexts and allow viewers to experience new work not native to their location. Exhibitions will offer openings, educational talks and tours, screenings, and performances. SITE95 also features the online Journal with contributions by writers, curators, and artists.