Victoria Fu in Art Forum

posted by Emerson Dorsch on 10 October 2014 at 12:00 AM | Link

In the latest issue of Art Forum Tony Pipolo writes about the New York Film Festival's "Projections" lineup of video works, including Victoria Fu.

"...Victoria Fu’s Lorem ipsum 1 (2013) constructs a digital portrait both more literal and skewed, cleverly composed of multiple, simultaneous, even contradictory angles. How this reflects its title—a phrase derived from an ancient text of Cicero’s and now used to identify a “filler text” in graphic design—is unclear to me. As we watch a woman walking into and through her house and gazing out of her window (Maya Deren’s /i>Meshes of the Afternoon [1943] may come to mind), an uneasy tension invests the flow of fragmentary images as they flirt with and recoil from a fully integrated, intact portrait: We never quite see the woman’s entire face in a sustained composition—as if, like her work, the artist refuses reduction to a single perspective."

Read the full article here.