Brookhart Jonquil: Never Odd or Even

April 8, 2011 - June 4, 2011

Opening reception April 8, 2011, 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Dorsch Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Brookhart Jonquil called Never Odd or Even. The opening reception is Friday, April 8, 6-9pm and the exhibition will be on view through Saturday, May 7, 2011.

"While my sculptures and installations are certainly tangible, they are in constant dialog with the virtual and formless. I use reflective surfaces to open up perceptual spaces within architecture, and I use solid forms to perceptually collapse physical spaces. Mirrors, glass, digital photographs, and everyday objects have material qualities that I use to probe the relationship between the physical and the virtual or intangible. In my work I attempt to access this paradoxical duality, creating uncanny situations where a space, an object, or a moment in time, seems to contradict its own existence.

An example of this could be Never Odd or Even. The installation is an anonymous studio or office consisting of a chair, a lamp, a table with a paperback book jammed under one foot, and a few other small items. The room is physically doubled to create a perceptual mirrored space, folding in on itself. Objects intersect with their doppelgangers and a concrete floor is disorientingly angled upside-down. The title of the piece is also the title of the paperback book that levels both tables in defiance of gravitational sense. The phrase is a palindrome, and speaks not only to the formal arrangement of the space, but of the inevitable failure of quantitative logic set up as an oppositional binary. The space is not one real table and one reflected table; they are equally real but equally contingent upon the other to define their reality.

Installations such as this can be understood in the context of contemporary information-based media. Copying and pasting, pushing and pulling architecture, achieving impossible forms that seem natural and effortless due to our aesthetic saturation with things that have been manipulated or created entirely out of digital ether. I use digital media to sketch out my spaces before I begin construction. This affords me not only a high degree of accuracy in my measurements when the time comes to build, but it allows me to fluidly manipulate forms in a weightless space where material is infinitely malleable. Most importantly, the objects and installations that I create from these sketches retain the qualities of their intangible origin, and take on an uncanny sense of the impossible."

Brookhart Jonquil

Installation view

Brookhart Jonquil

Biosphere Displacement Prism, 2011, Diasec-mounted digital print, 29.5 x 47.75 inches, Edition of 5, 1 AP

Brookhart Jonquil

Fern Room Displacement Prism, 2011, Diasec-mounted digital print, 47.75 x 29.25 inches, Edition of 5, 1 AP

Brookhart Jonquil

Aroid House Displacement Prism, 2011, Diasec-mounted digital print, 45 x 30 inches, Edition of 5, 1 AP