thisishappening - Weeks 1-3

Sept. 21, 2014 - Nov. 15, 2014

Opening reception None, None - None

Installation view of The Last Tiger. Photo credit: Monica McGivern

Emerson Dorsch is pleased to present thisishappening, a multidisciplinary series dedicated to exploring the critical roles of experience and accessibility in contemporary art practice and reception.

Installation view of The Last Tiger. Photo credit: Monica McGivern

The Last Tiger
Franky Cruz
September 21 - 27

We are starting with something you did not see. You were not invited to speculate, spectate or behold. For seven days, Franky Cruz inhabited the garden at Emerson Dorsch; isolated within a 50x50 ft patch of grass flanked by iron gates, fruit trees, bamboo and concrete walls. He never stepped outside of the perimeter and did not allow anyone else to enter. He fasted, drinking only spring water; and abstained from electronics.

Closing Reception: Wednesday, October 1, 8pm
Please join us for a screening hosted by Franky Cruz in his garden at Emerson Dorsch.
Water: The Great Mystery
Alan Watts: The Fool, The Joker, And the Monk
Altered States

Installation view. Photo credit: Monica McGivern

I'm the Gravity
you can't be afraid when you're dead

Saturday, October 4, 6pm-11pm

Please join us for an improvisational sound experience, orchestrated by Brandon Opalka.
Opalka has invited a selection of local artists to play at overlapping intervals throughout the gallery and garden. The participating musicians will be working together for the first time. The results may be recorded.

Installation view of Flow State. Photo credit: Monica McGivern

Flow State
Moira Holohan
Thursday, October 9, 7-9pm (performed on rain date October 22)

Please join us for a performance-experience by Moira Holohan, in collaboration with Monica Sharon and Angela Fegers.

Transforming the garden into a stage, Holohan will project her video animation, Flow State. She has invited four local dancers to improvise movements within the stream of projected light; to the beat of live drums. Guests are invited to amble throughout the environment, among and between the dancers.

Holohan describes Flow as a state of consciousness; being completely absorbed in an activity, specifically one that involves creative abilities. Her work explores the manner in which artists in Flow state experience an effortless control, unselfconsciousness while reaching the peak of their ability.

Dancers: Monica Sharon, Angela Fegers, Edwin Innis, Rivkins Christopher & Drummer: Kenneth Metzker

Installation view of Oblong Buttons , Masks. Photo credit: Monica McGivern

Oblong Buttons , Masks
Marcus Civin
Saturday, October 11th @ 8pm

See shifting twisting faces splayed out over a stage. See common objects become harmful.

Oblong Buttons , Masks is a 40-minute performance piece and a statement about the absurdity of the current state of perpetual war. Oblong Buttons , Masks is about shifting faces and potentially harmful objects. The performance relies on Gertrude Steins reading of Pablo Picassos experience in relation to war and her reaction to his renderings of the human face. Marcus Civin and volunteers will perform with misbehaving and threatening found objects; they will speak a face poem, construct large gestures and bold facial expressions.

The move toward an art that is living is a common signpost for the contemporary period, and stems from a desire for urgency - to matter. This paradigm shift toward the privileging of experience, both lived and virtual, is compounded by a hyper-awareness of how we craft ourselves in (real)-time. thisishappening presents an opportunity to consider how we record experience, beyond documentation, in a manner that can subsist within a gallery context for aesthetic and critical engagement with non-material objects.

Over a period of eight weeks, Emerson Dorsch will present a selection of events, screenings, performance, and interactions that will address a range of concerns within the discourse on art as experience. The works included facilitate exchange through encounter - connecting those who create, own, use, critique, or consume them.

In an effort to expose the numerous lines of tension, which have surfaced from the growing gap between experience and its objectification, the gallery exhibition will exist in a constant state of becoming. Works will be curated-into the space, reflecting and reacting to the projects as they unfold in time.