thisishappening - Weeks 6 and 7

Oct. 26, 2014 - Nov. 8, 2014

Opening reception None, None - None

Installation view of Anwar by Julie Grosche. Photo credit: Monica McGivern

Emerson Dorsch is pleased to present thisishappening, a multidisciplinary series dedicated to exploring the critical roles of experience and accessibility in contemporary art practice and reception.

thisishappening Weeks 6-8
Installation view of Redacted Love. Photo credit: Monica McGivern

October 28, 7:30pm
Redacted Love
Including contributions from Liz Ferrer, Kevin Arrow, Barron Sherer, Romulo Del Castillo, Stefanie Del Papa, Tara Long, and Misael Soto

Southernmost Situations presents Redacted Love, a hybrid interactive performance and installation consisting of re-contextualized government surveillance material. Redacted Love is both a tale of teen romance and an imaginative speculation into the past set in early 1990s Miami during the tail end of America's "War on Drugs." Using interpretive performance, original audio, appropriated video, and slide photography, it tells the story of the son of an alleged drug dealer and his girlfriend as they attempt to navigate a turbulent existence in subtropical environments and dreamlike adolescence.

Analog and digital media collide. The entire set will be lit by several overhead, slide, and LCD projectors. Redacted Love will occupy the entirety of Emerson Dorsch Gallery with an immersive media installation.

Special thanks to Gabriela Serra and Monica Uszerowicz for analog photography.
Supported in part by the Filmgate Transmedia Grant.

thisishappening Weeks 6-8
Henning Fehr and Philipp Ruhr introducing Polyrhythm Technoir Part II - An Endless Cigarette. Photo credit: Monica McGivern

Polyrhythm Technoir
Danji Buck-Moore, Henning Fehr, and Philipp Ruhr

Planned as a three part film by Danji Buck-Moore, Henning Fehr, and Philipp Ruhr, Polyrhythm Technoir allegorizes the present state of electronic music. Each of the three sections is concerned with a different issue, and each topic finds its expression in the manner of its representation and presentation. Formally, the film corresponds with the essential structural features of techno. Polyrhythm. Phasing. Synchronicity.

Saturday, November 1, 7pm
Polyrhythm Technoir Part II - An Endless Cigarette
with a set by Sharlyn Evertsz
and d-ICK Party #8

Part II - An Endless Cigarette was made to be shown in a cinema and uses Berlin night clubs as a metaphor for cinema. In Berlin it is still customary to announce whoever is responsible for the lighting (visuals) at the club. Like DJing, visuals are treated as a form of art. The viewer is meant to encounter these visuals in the cinema almost as if in a night club. The cinema is illuminated by the same lights that make the club glow in spasms. The often dull and monotonous movements (called dancing in Berlin) are mirrored by the strict seating arrangement of cinemas.

On Sunday, October 26, 8pm screening of Polyrhythm Technoir Part I - Psychothrill Cologne took place at a secret intimate location which was only revealed the day of the screening via text message. Part I - Psychothrill Cologne shows one underground techno party in Cologne. These events have been organized by legendary producer and DJ Claus Bachor for more than twenty years and take place in a claustrophobic underground WWII bunker that requires a password for access to the party. The film shows the simple means with which a successful party can be arranged. It also shows how a scene can interact on a dance floor without hysteria. The scene around Psychothrill and Claus Bachor is older than and differs largely from the scene around Kompakt, a world famous minimal techno label in Cologne. This part is made to be shown on a small monitor screen, as a reminder of the importance of the characters onscreen.

thisishappening Weeks 6-8
Jelly performing. Photo credit: Monica McGivern

November 6, 7-10pm
DJ Woozles, Dracula, and Jelly

Please join us in the garden for a sound experience featuring DJ Woozles, Dracula, and Jelly.

DJ Woozles is a local Miamalia, Tropicalia, and Psychedelia DJ and owner of Frankleidoscope, who has opened for the likes of Animal Collective.

Dracula is a Miami-based dark folk group featuring Eli Oviedo and Dorys Bello, amongst others.

Jelly is a Miami-based rock band that includes a number of talented multi-instrumentalists including Rainer Davies and Dion Kerr who both have toured and recorded all around the world as backing artists and a leaders to a variety of groups.

thisishappening Weeks 6-8
Installation view of Anwar. Photo credit: Monica McGivern

November 8, 7pm
Julie Grosche

Please join us in the garden for an original performance by Julie Grosche, featuring a live animal and video projection. The work is inspired by Anwar Zayden, a local Miami celebrity-cum-meme, who was made famous on Instagram for arriving at a party on horseback.

Music by Hunter Pharis Johnson. DJ set by MC NASDAQ after the performance.

The move toward an art that is living is a common signpost for the contemporary period, and stems from a desire for urgency - to matter. This paradigm shift toward the privileging of experience, both lived and virtual, is compounded by a hyper-awareness of how we craft ourselves in (real)-time. thisishappening presents an opportunity to consider how we record experience, beyond documentation, in a manner that can subsist within a gallery context for aesthetic and critical engagement with non-material objects.

Over a period of eight weeks, Emerson Dorsch will present a selection of events, screenings, performance, and interactions that will address a range of concerns within the discourse on art as experience. The works included facilitate exchange through encounter - connecting those who create, own, use, critique, or consume them.

In an effort to expose the numerous lines of tension, which have surfaced from the growing gap between experience and its objectification, the gallery exhibition will exist in a constant state of becoming. Works will be curated-into the space, reflecting and reacting to the projects as they unfold in time.