Regina Rex presents CEMETERIUM

Dec. 1, 2014 - Dec. 6, 2014

Opening reception Dec. 5, 2014, 11 p.m. - None

Emerson Dorsch is pleased to announce a special installation at the gallery during the week of Art Basel Miami Beach:


CEMETERIUM is a sculpture garden based on the layout and form of a cemetery that will take place in Miami during the week of art fairs, December 1-7. Featuring work by over thirty artists, CEMETERIUM is a hybrid form that takes inspiration from both art fairs and cemeteries, to create a critical context that celebrates the persistence of objects beyond this one week and beyond an artists lifetime. Each artist was invited to to present an object, installation or performance on a four by eight foot plot within a fifty by fifty foot yard. In a week where there is an astounding number of artworks on display, and a frenzy of events stacked up throughout each day, CEMETERIUM gathers together a group of artists and objects that reflect an awareness of both the artist at work and the artist at rest.

Opening event Friday, December 5th, Midnight
Emerson Dorsch will receive a funeral procession orchestrated by William Powhida and host performances by Cortney Andrews, Kristen Jensen, and Dracula

Participating artists:
Cortney Andrews
Katherine Aungier
Amy Brenner
Nicholas Buffon and Allegra Crowther
Jonathan Butt
April Childers
Suntek Chung
Daniel Clapp
Julia Colavita
Jeff Degolier
Vincent Dermody
Corey Escoto
Elise Ferguson
Elizabeth Ferry
Rico Gatson
Amanda Ross-Ho
Takashi Horisaki
Kristen Jensen
Michael Merck
Nicholas Moenich
Steve Pauley
William Powhida
Adam Bach and Ellery Royston
Esther Ruiz
Carolyn Salas
Davina Semo
Adam Parker Smith
Trish Tillman
Siebren Versteeg
Derek Weisberg
Amanda Wong

About Regina Rex Through an inclusive collaborative structure, Regina Rex aims to build an exhibition context that is rigorous, cogent and driven by our engagement and dialogue with other artists. Regina Rex was founded in 2010 at the border of Ridgewood, Queens and Bushwick, Brooklyn by Yevgeniya Baras, Jeff DeGolier, Gabe Farrar, Elizabeth Ferry, Theresa Ganz, Alyssa Gorelick, Angelina Gualdoni, Stacie Johnson, Eli Ping, Lauren Portada, Anna Schachte, Siebren Versteeg, and Max Warsh. In Fall 2014 the gallery moved to a new space in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

About Emerson Dorsch Founded in 1991, Emerson Dorsch is a leading contemporary art gallery in Miami owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Brook Dorsch and Tyler Emerson-Dorsch. Working with a diverse set of artists who have exhibited at leading institutions throughout the world, Emerson Dorsch places a particular pride on proactive engagement. The gallery encourages, and regularly hosts ambitious, large-scale installations that expand beyond traditional media. Emerson Dorsch was the first in the citys Wynwood District, where it is central to the internationally-acclaimed art scene that has since developed.


Installation View, Bill Powhida.